The Moy Yat Kung Fu Academy is located at 1324 W. Main Street in Richmond, Virginia and was established in 1986 by Grandmaster Anthony Moy Tung Dandridge, a senior disciple of Grandmaster Moy Yat. We are a Yip Man (Ip Man) Ving Tsun Kung Fu school – we trace our lineage back to the founder of the system, Yim Ving Tsun. The women’s program was created in 2016 so that women could have an environment to train real Kung Fu without restraint. All classes are held in a traditional family style way, which is natural and relaxed. We emphasize learning through training and study, without bowing or yelling. This creates a learning experience that is safe and effective, as well as challenging and fun. If you are interested in trying our program, then please use the booking link below! You may use the contact page to submit an inquiry or use the phone number provided.


Self-Defense for Reality
Our program is designed with the purpose of teaching students to handle themselves during a real attack.
Increased physical fitness
Our program emphasizes both aerobic and anaerobic fitness, both of which enhance physical health.
The development and mastery of the Ving Tsun system deepens the resolve and inner resiliency of the practitioner.
We offer in-person and online classes that help you realize the benefits of training with others.




Coronavirus Advisory

All of our classes have been using Zoom to conduct distance learning, and we also be be providing in-person training as well while observing safety procedures such as sanitation, gloves, and masks during class.


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